About Us

The Specialists at Fout Crane and Rigging LLC

Since opening up shop in 1973, our company has been dedicated building relationships and providing services to the communities of Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and more. No doubt, preparing for a lifting or hauling operation requires a consultant you can trust to pull off the project seamlessly. We believe a proven track record for more than 40 years is a good indicator of our dedication to success.

Making Equipment Service Better

There are a number of important factors that contribute to our success as a lifting and equipment business. Our credentials give a taste of why we are set apart from other businesses offering similar services. These credentials form a foundation for what we do.

We are proud to provide you with:

  • Pricing upfront
  • No hidden costs
  • High-caliber work
  • Licensed employees
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • An exemplary safety record that is over 10 years long

We believe that simple and quick solutions are often better than slow and complicated ones. We believe that the people we work with deserve our respect and attention. We also believe that excellent service means better outcomes. Call us for a free estimate today at (301) 662-1989.

from William “Skeet” Fout, Jr. President

My Dad, William S Fout, Sr., started the company in 1973 with one crane and one operator. Prior to starting the company he was an engineer for the Frederick County government. He worked hard and the business grew.

In 1984 I joined the company and by that time we had 3 cranes in operation plus a couple of concrete pumpers. Working in a family business has its challenges as Dad and I “butted heads” on more than one occasion (imagine that?). I certainly didn’t make his job any easier. But looking back on it now, I couldn’t have had a better mentor.

In January of 2007 Dad came into work one day and told me that I was buying the company. He was going to live in Arizona part of the year and wouldn’t be around as much (but not retire…we are not allowed to use that word). So, early in 2007, I took over.

Today, Fout Crane and Rigging has about a dozen employees providing services to general contractors, builders, subcontractors and industries requiring hydraulic cranes up to 300 ton capacity. We do business from Maine to Florida and offer 24 hour emergency service. Heavy rigging, hauling, trucking and secured storage are also provided out of our Maryland facility.

Now…enough about us. What can we do for you?


  • Upfront pricing
  • No hidden costs
  • Quality work
  • Licensed employees
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Exemplary safety record for over 10 years
  • We are members of Browz, Avetta and ISNetworld