Maryland’s Rigging Professionals

Safe and Well-Equipped for Success

Our team of professionals is uniquely suited to handle the complicated, various, and diverse situations that arise in rigging projects. Knowledgeable about the best and safest practices in today’s rigging industry, our experts can advise and support you in your critical decision-making process. Don’t sacrifice expertise at a vital moment in completing your project. We can provide the equipment, skills, and professionals you need for the most satisfying outcome. Whether it is a small, large, or complicated load, contact our team for insight on completing your task safe and efficiently.

A team of professionals with the right credentials:

  • Licensed employees
  • Prioritizing safety at all times
  • Experienced in diverse projects
  • Knowledgeable about industry practices

Let us enhance and simplify your rigging project with our hands-on experience and well-trained personnel. A positive outcome is waiting around the corner. We will walk through the situation to discuss what you need. Call our Maryland general contractor office today to receive a free estimate at (301) 662-1989.


  • Upfront pricing
  • No hidden costs
  • Quality work
  • Licensed employees
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Exemplary safety record for over 10 years
  • We are members of Browz, Avetta and ISNetworld